is your ticket to location based marketing and location based sales. the next wave of how consumers will spend their dollars, especially impulse buys. Think of it as someone telling you about great deals wherever you are at any time of the day no matter where you are. Coupons, instant sales, time sensitive offers, etc. are the way of the future in our right-now society and is right in the middle of it. was designed and developed with the new shift by consumers to rely more on their smartphones than any other type of medium to find what they want or need. Using a combination of GPS and local search technologies delivers the best posted deals in the area and sends them to the user’s phone immediately.

Think about this scenario, you are in a location and a nearby restaurant sends you a text that says “since you’re close by, stop in for lunch in the next 30 minutes and show this text and get 20 percent off your bill!” Maybe it’s a store running sales on shoes or the local coffee shop, anyplace that is looking to use place and time to increase their marketing and your overall patronage.

Fully developed and available for Android phones and devices download from the AppStore, is a fully functional push technology that is being deployed today. Billions will be spent by consumers searching for instant deals and has the platform to accommodate them.

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