Illustale, a family celebration, is a social networking site formed for the purpose of sharing memories. Illustale focuses on providing a high-quality service that allows users to upload, save, and share their memories in the form of photos and videos with their friends and family.

As important as many family heirlooms, Illustale is based on the premise that people not only take pictures and videos to share the moment now, but want to share and relive many of the moments again in the future. Illustale goes as far as allowing account owners to designate another user to continue their account in the future as you might bequeath any other family heirloom. Illustale serves users with an easy-to-use software model that allows them to upload photos, videos, stories and more for permanent storage and sharing with friends and family. With its extended recording times and generous storage limits, Illustale offers the opportunity to preserve life’s most cherished memories in a safe and secure place, allowing users to share their moments with their loved ones now and in the future.

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