is a strong incursion into the growing trend of using technology to strengthen services offered by and to the medical community while cutting costs and adding to the bottom line profit margin of individual doctors and hospitals.

Doctors and healthcare organizations in general should be looking to best practices and available technologies to lower overhead, communicate better with patients and augment staffing to work more efficiently and faster to continue to provide sound services to their patients while maximizing earning potential. provides physicians, their patients and their staffs with an economical, practical and easy way to schedule appointments by mobile or other electronic means. The appointment capabilities of the application work to provide online access and in office management of the doctor’s schedule without a patient needing to call to make an appointment or speak directly to a staff member nor have a staff member directly involved in the process. Thoroughly accessible and managed by the doctor’s staff, open appointment hours can be viewed and booked by a patient without personal intervention freeing staff for other duties. Blocked days and hours are easily set and changed to keep the available time up to date.

With its low monthly cost, it will be easy to see how avoiding only a few hours of salary payments to cover such an easy task allows the application to pay for itself. In fact, in some cases, it takes little more than a handful of saved hours that can be dedicated to other duties, to accomplish this savings.

Convenience, forward thinking, cost cutting and easy to implement and use. is a perfect partnership for any doctor, medical group or hospital for today and the future.